Sunday Reflection: Preserving What Is Good

Throughout history, Christians have contributed to every industry and creative pursuit—from music and philosophy to science and business. And churches and followers of Christ have played an important part in preserving great works of art and cultural artifacts. In fact, many great musical and artistic works were influenced by the artists’ faith in Jesus.

Just as followers of Christ are called to preserve our faith, we have the opportunity to contribute to the culture around us. Critiquing what’s broken has its place, but it’s important that we also participate in enhancing the culture. God made the world and all things in it (Acts 17:24), and one day He will redeem everything. We participate in this work by beautifying our world and drawing attention to anything that points to God’s goodness.

Think About It

  • Are there any creative works that bring you joy? Take time this week to thank God for them.
  • God knows what makes each of us unique. (See Psalm 139.) As you pray this week, ask Him to reveal how you might use your specific gifts and talents to reflect His goodness.

Bible in One Year: Acts 14-15

From In Touch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley

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