Dealing With Immorality

Colossians 3:5-11

How can you live a moral life in an immoral society? When the appeal of the world’s standards is strong, you may feel powerless to resist, but that’s not what Scripture teaches. Through Christ, you have everything you need to live righteously. However, if you repeatedly follow your own desires, then in a moment of temptation, you won’t want to obey God.

The time to stop sin is not at the moment of the act but in the desire for it. Scripture says our old self has been crucified with Christ and we’re to consider ourselves dead to evil desires (Rom. 6:6; Col. 3:5). Sin once held dominion over us, but Jesus has broken its power and set us free. Now we have a new self created in His image (Col. 3:9-10).

Instead of giving in to sinful desires, we should respond to temptations on the basis of who we are in Christ. Sin no longer fits us, because we are new creations with divine power at our disposal. That means we can now resist evil lusts and instead make God-honoring choices.

Begin today to reflect on the power of Christ within you, and trust Him to guard you against future sins.

Bible in One Year: Galatians 1-3

From In Touch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley

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