Q: How do you reach people through the internet?
A: Billions of people are looking for answers on the internet. The internet is a very intimate way to connect with those who are searching. The focus of GLS is to meet this diverse range of people right where they are, via the internet.

Q: How do you know the internet is working to reach people for Christ?
A: Through the use of website applications and tracking and analysis systems, visitors to our website can be monitored daily. Also, since a response to receive Jesus Christ includes contact by e-mail, our ministry volunteers can follow-up with new believers.

Q: Can you connect people to the local church?
A: Yes, through our ministry volunteers, GLS provides new believers with the resources they need to connect with a local church or with a home Bible study group.

Q: How does GLS respond to people who make decisions for Christ?
A: When someone submits a comment, a question, or lets us know they have made a decision for Christ, their e-mail is forwarded to one of our online ministry volunteers. The ministry volunteers have a window of time in which to respond to the e-mail.

Q: How are ministry volunteers selected?
A: All ministry volunteers are trained through the GLS training program. After volunteers are trained and approved by GLS, they will be given the resources they need to help answer e-mails from both believers and non-believers effectively and with care and compassion. Ministry volunteer training generally lasts 1-2 months. GLS volunteer leaders are assigned to oversee and encourage groups based upon geographical location.


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