The Gospel Light Society International Colportage Campaign

billy-grahamDistributing Gospel tracts to honor God and Jesus Christ, to extend the evangelistic legacy of Their servant Billy Graham, and for the salvation of lost souls.

Billy Graham said, “Nothing surpasses a tract for sowing the seed of the Good News.”

What is colportage? “Colportage is the distribution of publications, books, and religious tracts by carriers called ‘colporteurs’ or ‘colporters.’

“The American Tract Society, an organization established in 1825 to distribute Christian literature, reported in its 24th annual report in 1849: ‘Colportage including 106 students from 23 different colleges or seminaries for their vacations…. The colporters have visited 341,071 families and distributed 377,258 books.’

“D. L. Moody founded the Bible Institute Colportage Association in 1894 to distribute tracts and books. Now known as Moody Publishers, they continue to publish religious materials with proceeds supporting the Moody Bible Institute.

“Colportage first became common in Europe with the distribution of religious tracts and books during the period of the Reformation. In addition, the itinerant colporteurs also spread cheaply-available copies of popular writings of the day to an increasingly literate rural population which had little access to the book shops of the cities.”


  • 1 million tracts distributed online by Billy Graham’s birthday, November 7, 2018.
  • 100,000 tracts distributed in print by Billy Graham’s birthday, November 7, 2018.



Steps to Peace With God by Billy Graham

For 50 years, God has been using a simple tract called “Steps to Peace With God” to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ. In four brief steps, people come to an understanding of how to find eternal life.

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