Sunday Reflection: The Blessing of a Firm Foundation

Near the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shares a parable about two men in a storm—one who built his house on a rock, and the other who built on sand (Matt. 7:24-27). The first man’s house remained standing, while the other fell in the storm and winds.

Which one sounds like your life right now? It’s not uncommon to go through seasons where we feel as if our life is poorly built, shifting on the sand. Our jobs, relationships, and living situations can change without warning.

In this parable, Jesus promises that regardless of what our day-to-day life may look like and no matter what we feel, the foundation will be sturdy as long as it’s built on Him. He is the rock that will hold our weight, our burdens, and our fears. Whatever insecurities we may feel, He will remain unshaken.

Think About It
• It’s easy to focus on the interruptions we experience from day to day—those things that throw us off course and seem only to get in the way of life as it should be. What can you do in these moments to find strength and encouragement in God? When you feel anxious, imagine looking down at your feet and seeing that you are standing on a sturdy rock instead of sand.

Bible in One Year: Numbers 23-25

From In Touch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley

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