Why Our Families Need Christ and Courageous Fathers



According to statistics, one-third of children in America (24 million) live without their biological father. Children without fathers are, on average, two to three times more likely to have educational and health problems, abuse drugs and alcohol, engage in criminal behavior, or commit suicide. USA Today reports that over the past 30 years, fathers have been disappearing from American families. Divorce is one of the main reasons fathers are absent from the home. Many of today’s fathers have two or even three jobs. Others travel weekly, taking them away from their families. Children whose fathers are involved in their lives are more confident, better able to deal with frustration, more likely to have high self-esteem, and more capable of gaining independence and their own identity according to Dadsworld.com.

There are certain factors that characterize a courageous father. In this Gospel Light Minute X edition, Daniel Whyte III shares reasons why families today need courageous fathers and introduces the audience to the most courageous Father of all.

+ Plus, listen to Brandon Heath singing, “Your Love”