The One and Only Way to True Freedom



Over the years, people have gained freedom through war, violence, protests, and as Winston Churchill said, “blood, toil, sweat, and tears.” The recent wars in several Middle Eastern countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, the uprising in Egypt which often turned violent, and the current war raging in Syria proves that people love freedom so much that they will fight for it if they have to. They will fight not only with words, but with actions — and are often willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause of freedom.

Many ordinary men and women have gone down in history as great freedom fighters. George Washington led the Continental Army to victory against Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War. Abraham Lincoln led the country to victory during the Civil War, saved the union from collapse, and ended slavery in America, which freed millions of men and women who were in bondage. Mahatma Gandhi led India in the non-cooperation movement.

Nelson Mandela stood against racism and apartheid in South Africa and helped lead his country to a place where all men and women are treated equally. Winston Churchill was one of the great leaders of Great Britain during World War II against Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Harriet Tubman led the Underground Railroad that helped free many black slaves in the 1880s. Martin Luther King Jr., led the Civil Rights Movement and helped blacks gain their basic rights as free people in America.

Down through history, many others who saw the importance of freedom, and used their God-given skills and talents to not only free themselves but to set others free as well.

It is wonderful to have religious, political, and physical freedom and to enjoy the benefits that come with that, but there is another type of freedom that we all need as well. And that is a spiritual freedom — a freedom for our souls. This freedom was paid for by Jesus Christ with His own blood over two thousand years ago on the cross of Calvary. He willingly gave His life for all of mankind so that we all can experience true freedom from the oppression of sin and the oppressor named Satan. Jesus fought the battle for this freedom for us. We do not have to do anything for this freedom except BELIEVE in Jesus Christ. We do not have to fight for this freedom or sacrifice our own blood. Jesus Christ offers the freedom He purchased for us right now today.

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